Wike Salamander stroller-bike

Wike Salamander - CA$3,000.00

Winner of the Gold Award at Eurobike 2018

After five years in development, Wike launched it's evolutionary patented new product in the fall of 2017. The Salamander is now in stock and ships out next day. It comes in two boxes, you just need to bolt the pod onto the bike frame, slide the seat post and handlebar stem into the frame, and attach the bell. The Salamander Cycle/Stroller operates perfectly as a standard Dutch style cargo bicycle or a double child stroller and transitions between the two instantly and without effort. You can cycle to the bus or subway, convert to a stroller and enter the transit system, then go everywhere that transit can take you. You can cycle to a mall or an apartment building, convert to stroller, and walk in.  European orders currently ship from our warehouse in Holland. North American and all other orders are ship from our Canadian Factory. You can choose the colors of the canopy at time of order. We are stocking Black, Red, Orange, Gold, and Blue. We have not had time to establish a dealer network but that will come next year. We only sell the Salamander direct from our website or from the factory door in Guelph where they are made. Conversion between bicycle and stroller is absolutely as easy as it looks on the videos, it takes about 10 mins to get the hang of it. 

The bicycle frame is high gloss black on 4130 tig welded alloy steel with the ability to upgrade from the roller brake to disc or caliper brakes on the front wheel, or to disc on the back wheel. (we do not do the upgrades) The carrier is ABS plastic pod with an adjustment for two seat heights. All bicycle parts are standard and able to be serviced locally. The seating provided can easily be removed and a car seat may be strapped to the floor of the pod. In this case the pod will only carry one child.



Money Back Guarantee

Wike Products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. If you wish to return your Wike, for whatever reason, simply return it to us and we refund the purchase price. We do not refund shipping. Let us know if you would like to return your trailer and we will send you the address labels. Products also have a one year parts and labor warranty and lifetime on the frame to the original owner.

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