Child - Softie - CA$579.00

Competitively Priced

The Wike Softie Suspension Child Bicycle Trailer is our premiere product. Designed to be smooth, stable, and durable, the Softie is also a great value at $483.00US. Compare with other trailers with suspension, larger size, and roll up windows that can cost as much as $1000! With plenty of room for two children and their toys, cycling as a family has never been easier. Two bike hitches are included with the trailer. Of course, the Wike Softie is built to our exacting standards in our Canadian factory and you can only purchase it in our secure online store. The fabrics used in the Softie are Made in America Dupont Cordura to ensure lasting strength and color. We also have a hard plastic floor for even more durability and safety. The product conforms to ASTM bicycle standards. We only sell direct to you to deliver more value.

Suspension System...

Folding the Wike

About the Wike Softie Suspension. We select only the best components possible for our trailers. We selected an elastomer suspension because an elastomer, unlike a metal spring, reduces the amount of recoil action. With metal springs, the trailer will have the tendency to bounce up and down over rough terrain. Conversely with our dampened elastomer, the trailer’s return bounce is eliminated and the probability of the trailer flipping over is reduced. A smooth and comfortable ride is the result. If you have any questions about our suspension and its benefits over springs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fast Folding Mechanism...Folding the Wike

The "Wike Folding System" is patented and enables our trailers to fold flat instantly AND become shorter at the same time. This patented mechanism shown in this little animation will fold the Wike Trailer in two seconds, however the removal of the wheels and placing them conveniently inside will take an additional five seconds. Our trailers are larger than our competitors, yet fold smaller. A Wike will fit in the trunk of a sub-compact car.

Roll-Up Side Windowns...Roll up

The "Roll-up Side Windows" provide aditional on the Wike Softie. The occupants can be surrounded with mesh screening to optimize the air flow through the cabin. If it starts to rain, just roll out the clear plastic on the side and front


Front Wheel Option

Instant Folding

Quick Hitch

Bug Screen

Rain Screen

Reflective Tape


41" / 104cm (length) x 32" / 81cm (width) x 41" / 104cm (height)


24lbs / 11kg




30" / 76cm (legroom/length) x 24" / 61cm (width) x 30" / 76cm (height)


100lbs / 45kg


52" / 132cm


20" Spoked alloy push button

Jogger and Stroller Kit - CA$100.00

Both Jogger and Stroller kit when purchased together

Jogger Kit - CA$90.00

This kit consist of a 16 inch alloy wheel in the front, an adjustable push-bar at the back with tether, and two foot operated parking brakes.

Softie Stroller Upgrade - CA$75.00

Stroller wheel and bar for Softie trailers

Outdoor Cover - CA$75.00

Outdoor cover to protect trailer from sun, snow, and rain.

Carry Bag - Moonlite, Double, Softie - CA$75.00

Carry Bag for Moonlite, Double, and Softie

Standard bike hitch - CA$20.00

Each Wike trailer comes with one standard bike hitch. Would you like extra standard hitches for additional bicycles?

Drop-down bike hitch - CA$20.00

This hitch is used on bicycles that have recessed dropouts or rear rack mounts that interfere with standard hitch placement.

Helmet Cushion - CA$20.00

For younger riders ages 1 to 3 the cushion provides space behind their head for a helmet. Adjustable