Wike Kayak & Surf/Sailboard Bike Trailer

Kayak Trailer - CA$200.00

Road to the water is easier than ever. Includes Kart and Towing Assembly

Our Kayak trailer allows you to pull your kayak or sail/surf boards with your bicycle. Your boat or board must have a bow handle, bow ring or bowline to use our “Smart Stick” towing assembly . Trailer consists of two components: first the “Smart Stick” connects the front of your boat with a hitch to the bicycle seat post (the hitch will fit on seat posts from 1” to 1.5” diameter/25mm - 36mm), second the two wheeled cart the supports the boat. The kart fits under your kayak and has two folding padded supports. Our ultra-light design is made of aluminum and 16” bicycle wheels which can be quickly removed for storage. The Kayak Kart is built entirely in our Guelph Canada factory. It can also be used as a portage cart for canoes. 

Money Back Guarantee

Wike Products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. If you wish to return your Wike, for whatever reason, simply return it to us and we refund the purchase price. We do not refund shipping. Let us know if you would like to return your trailer and we will send you the address labels. Products also have a one year parts and labor warranty and lifetime on the frame to the original owner.

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Instant Folding

Quick Hitch


12lbs / 54kg




70lbs / 32Kg


16" Precision plastic quick release

Kayak Pack
Kayak Pack - CA$50.00

Kayak pack with shoulder strap. Holds kart with wheels and smart stick in a tidy velcro closing bag.

Seat Post Hitch
Seat Post Hitch - CA$25.00

Additional bicycle seat post hitch. Useful if you want to set up an additional bike to pull your Wike trailer.