We are WIKE... the Walk and Bike Company. We’re trying to change the world and it’s working! We believe in the active transportation movement and support it at home and abroad. Our mission is to design bike trailers that allow people to walk and cycle effortlessly through their everyday needs. Our bicycle stroller 

We are continually improving our bicycle trailers and creating new products to satisfy our customers.

Our research and development has led to the lightest, and fastest folding convertible strolling bike trailers on the market today. We’re committed to make the best bikes and trailers on the market and these efforts has led to fantastic recognition from people in the bike community.

Whether you’re making a trip to work, the grocery store or around the neighborhood with the kids, we’re committed to building a bike trailer to suit your lifestyle.

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North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Bicycle Trailers

Bike Trailer Components You Need to Know

So you’re in the market for a bike trailer. You do your web searches (welcome!), do some comparisons, and price shop. But it quickly becomes clear that…nothing is clear. Prices are all over the map from cheap as anything to very-beat-up-used-car territory. What to do? How can you assess...

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