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Wike Suitcase Trailer

Inter-Modal Transportation Solution (Allow 2 weeks for delivery)


The Suitcase Bicycle Trailer was new for 2013 in Wike’s line-up of cargo trailers. It is the perfect match for your folding bike on any excursion imaginable. Travel by plane, boat, bus or train with this multi-modal Suitcase Trailer. Using a brand name suitcase, the trailer allows the space for all Dahon MU folding bikes. Larger folded bikes like the Tern or Brompton will not fit

Shipping Charge: Canada $20.00, United States $25.00, or other countries click through

Price increase on January 1, 2015 to $425.00


About the Wike Suitcase Trailer

Brand Name Suitcase Trailer

Built around the long-time best selling brand name suitcase this cargo trailer meets the needs of people who love to travel and ride their bikes. The hard shelled Suitcase offers a durable, safe and multipurpose alternative for packing your bicycle to take with you. For those traveling with S&S bikes or other flyable bikes, this trailer work well as a standard suitcase-then-trailer at your destination. It can work great as a regular trailer too in you already have a bike at your destination. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Folding Bike Cargo Feature

Our Suitcase Trailer allows tourists to travel with their folding bike and then convert it to a trailer. A plane, boat, bus or train is no longer a cycling obstacle. Fits most models of Dahon Bikes with 20” wheels such as Speed, Mu, and Vitesse series. The “Packing Kit” accessory protects parts from scratches during tranport. Wheels, handlebars, pedals, and seatpost must be disassembled prior to packing.

  • Weight in lbs. - 18.0 lbs
  • Capacity - 50 lbs.
  • Frame - Aluminum
  • Wheels - 16" spoked alloy quick release
  • Platform Base Size - 21" x 30" x 12"
  • Front-wheel option - No
  • Transcribe: Translation not found. No
  • Instant Folding - Yes
  • Quick Hitch - Yes
  • Safety Flag - No

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