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Why We Do It

So why are we in this business in the first place…? Well, we believe that bicycling is one of the best ways to stay fit and help the environment. Our Wikes are designed to be part of your healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. From taking the kids to the park, to hitting the fairway, to hauling all your stuff around and everything in between, we make a bicycle trailer for every cyclist’s need.

About founder of Wike

We believe that bike trailers and cycling can make a difference to you, our valued customer. Using a bike has three key advantages over automobiles and our Wikes are the perfect complement to your cycling lifestyle. These advantages are:


A bicycle with a bicycle trailer is an easy way to entertain the family. Think of what you can do that the whole family can enjoy!

  • Recreational outings to the park, the beach, or the library are easily organized around your bicycle trailer.
  • A bicycle trailer is a healthy alternative to driving your children to school or daycare.
  • With easy convertibility to a stroller, you can cycle with your Trailer/Stroller to the mall or supermarket and walk in without looking for parking or having to get your children out of the vehicle.


Your bicycle is a great piece of exercise equipment, build it into your lifestyle and better fitness will follow. Take along your loved ones or use your bike and Wike to get to other physical activies and you’ve just doubled your fun.

  • With regular cycling you will increase your level of personal fitness, probably lose a little weight, and look and feel healthier.


Cycling is the most environmentally friendly method of moving around your town.

  • There are no polluting gas emissions and the road requirements are minimal.
  • Cycling to the market will eliminate parking spaces and pavement required.
  • Cycling does not consume non-renewable resources.
  • Cycling saves you money on gas, car insurance, and car maintenance costs.
  • Cycling does not produce greenhouse gases or contribute to global warming.
  • Wike Products are built for 1000s of miles of use. Hopefully your Wike will become an important component in your transportation needs. Using a bicycle trailer is beneficial to everyone…including yourself.

Our Commitment

Beyond continuously improving our products and inventing new ones, we’re dedicated to improving the world’s transportation. Take a quick peak at our Research and Development page to see what we’re up to besides building the best bike trailers in the world.