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Research and Development

Bicycle Trailers

Bike trailers are our core business and we continue to devote time and money to building ever better bicycle trailers. Our research and development has led to the lightest, fastest folding, and fasted converting to stroller or jogger bike trailers on the market today. All our efforts to make the best bike trailers on the market has led to a fistful of patents and recognition from the bike community.

Co-operative Development with Leading Design Schools

John Cowles' Nova
John Cowles’ Nova

John Cowle’s Design Thesis

Working in a co-operative manner with neighbouring design and engineering schools we enable young designers and engineers to imagine products that could influence transportation in modern society.

Alternative Vehicle Development

It goes without saying that we are continually improving our Wikes and creating new bicycle trailers to satisfy our customers. Our other passion is alternative vehicles for the masses. While cars can be useful for longer trips, the majority of people worldwide only drive a short distance. Something better than a large bulky car can be used for these short runs to work, the grocery store and around the neighbourhood.

Our belief in a better way has led to a couple of great prototypes of electric vehicles.

The Yike

The Yike was our first attempt at an alternative vehicle for the regular user. A unique recumbant bicycle with an electric motor that could power the vehicle up to twenty miles, the Yike was a weatherproof and comfortable alternative to a regular car.

The Wike Electric Sun

From the Yike, we moved on to a modified version of our Special Needs bicycle trailer. The Electric Sun has four wheels, three batteries under the seat and, uniquely, can be folded. This vehicle met one of the main goals we want to take to a sustainable future: integrating the single-occupancy vehicle with the mass transit system. With a foldable, storable, fully functioning vehile capable of speeds up to 50kph, anyone could easily use the train, subway or bus to commute longer distances, pull out their Electric Sun and finish the journey in comfort and style.

The BoxBike 2010

The Box Bike
The Box Bike

This was a joint effort between True North Cycles and Wike. A significant improvement over the European style Bakfiet, our Boxbike had an interchangeable platform to accommodate many different compartments. Ideal for large families that need more capacity. You could replace your minivan with a Wike Boxbike. Canadian production was discontinued in 2011 due to high production costs and weak demand at a $3500 price point

Wike Stroller Bike 2013

After 3 years in development the world’s first bicycle (two wheels) that converts to a child stroller was launched. See our Press Release

Buying Wike is more than just buying a bike trailer

It’s not news that building a sustainable business out of alternative vehicles is an iffy proposition at best. With the proceeds from our trailers, we are able to pursue our goal of filling the streets with sustainable vehicles.

So thank you for buying Wike. It’s folks like you that see value in supporting superior products from smaller producers that make things happen on many levels.