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Do more with your Bicycle

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  • Uphillturn2

    Up Hill

  • Wike trees

    Through the woods and over the bridge to grandma’s house we go…to show off our Wike.

  • Wike hilltop

    Around the corner or around the world. Wike’s are built to last.

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    Canoes in Library are discouraged

  • Wike beachescape

    Child Trailers - The greatest in the world by Wike.

Highlight Videos

Bike Trailer Folding Demostration

Bike Trailer Folding Demostration

Wike Stroller Conversion

Wike Stroller Conversion

Conversion from Jogger to Bike Trailer

Conversion from Jogger to Bike Trailer

Wike Bike Trailer Features

Wike Bike Trailer Features


More than a business. A philosophy.

At Wike, we believe that integrating walking and biking into your everyday life is essential to better health, more happiness, and a healthier planet. We build products to make this happen.


​The best cargo hauling solution for your bike

So you’ve done it. You’re finally ready to commit to the bike lifestyle. You’re ready to buy the whole kit and caboodle that will help you stay in shape, skip sitting in your car all the time, and help the environment. That’s excellent news!

But now what? You’re surely going to need a new bike of some kind. And some cycling clothes maybe. And a helmet, of course! But those are the basics. What comes after that?

I’m going to make the assumption that you’re going to be...

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